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One of the core objectives of the ALC is to provide a forum for writers to freely and openly express their views. To this extent, the ALC is constantly looking for new and interesting perspectives on the status of human rights in Africa and the laws that govern us.

Bringing African human rights law commentators together.

Bringing African human rights law commentators together.

The ALC and its editors accept writings on relevant topics that raise arguable points of law of general public importance at the international, regional or domestic level. Contributors, to the extent possible, should limit their writings to between 500 and 2000 words and follow the style guide outlined below.

We reserve the right not to publish writings received and will not publish writings that (1) propagate war; (2) incite violence; (3) advocate for hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender, or religion and constitutes incitement to cause harm.

We also reserve the right not to publish writings received that are plagiarised or contain substantial factual inaccuracies.

All writings remain the property of the contributor as per the ALC's terms of use. We are willing to republish pieces that have already been published under a Creative Commons licence, but let us know in advance if you are submitting a piece to us that has been published on another platform.

All writings should include a brief biography of the contributor and a head and shoulders photograph.

Writings can be e-mailed to and

Style Guide 

Style should remain consistent throughout the writing and any reference to legal documents or external commentary or media reports should be hyperlinked to its original source.

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